KITTERY  – A fire aboard the USS Miami, a nuclear submarine in drydock at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, was reported out in a statement issued about 4 a.m. today by the shipyard.

The fire, which was first reported at 5:41 p.m. Wednesday, burned only in the sub’s forward compartment, according to the statement by spokesman Robert Guay.

The sub’s nuclear reactor, which is locally at the rear of the vessel, was “physically isolated” from the fire, the statement said. The reactor was not operating at the time and had been shut down for more than two months, according to Guay.

In a previous statement, the shipyard indicated there were no nuclear weapons on board.

Seven people were injured in the blaze, including three shipyard firefighters, two submarine crew members and two civilian firefighters, the statement said. Firefighters from three states, including the South Portland Fire Department, were called in to assist.

All but one of the injured have been released, and that person is in stable condition, Guay’s statement said.

Rear Admiral Rick Breckenridge is scheduled to give a news conference at the shipyard at 6 am. today. Breckenridge is commander of Submarine Group Two, to which the Miami is assigned.