In Cynthia Tucker’s commentary (“Romney misses link between college, economic growth,” May 19), she writes that Mitt Romney advised students not to take on too much college debt, and not to expect the government to forgive that debt.

Tucker calls this a lack of empathy, coming from a person who could easily afford tuition.

She cites a time when leaders understood the connection between a good education and economic growth.

Then, Tucker compared this to our GI Bill. Since when does a student entering college deserve to have his tuition paid for by the federal government?

Unless you enlist and serve your country, how are you deserving of a free college education?

In America, we are privileged to have higher education available to all. Yes, some may have to work while pursuing their degree, while others may have families who can afford to pay for it (Mitt Romney, John Kerry and the Kennedys, to name a few).

Tucker, along with the Occupy Wall Streeters, demands that college loans be paid by Uncle Sam. If that happens, the men and women who fought and died for this country did so in vain.

My father was also educated by the GI Bill. My children had to take out loans to pay for their tuition.

Just walking out of your high school with a diploma does not guarantee you a free ride. When did we start replacing rugged individualism with whiny collectivism? How sad.

Lin White is a resident of Pownal.