(Updated at 9:08 p.m. with comment from Bissinger)

The long-awaited campaign finance report for U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Poliquin has been posted by the Federal Elections Commission.

I say long-awaited because this is the first glimpse at the people and organizations that are backing Poliquin, who was the only Republican candidate who didn’t file during the last reporting period. 

A few of Poliquin’s donors jump out: Zoe Cruz, the former co-president of Morgan Stanley, and her family have forked over $6,000. 

And then there’s this one: $2,500 from Buzz Bissinger, a former Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, author of "Friday Night Lights," "3 Nights in August" and more recently "Father’s Day."

Bissinger is also a prolific — and colorful — Twitter user (9,946 tweets as of 7:49 EST). His volcanic, and often humorous, tweets on politicians, celebrities and fellow journalists have been the subject of several news stories. If you check out his Twitter stream keep in mind that some of it is definitely NSFW.

So what’s Bissinger’s relationship to Poliquin? Poliquin and Bissinger are graduates of Phillips Exeter Academy. That’s the connection.

Bissinger, responding via email, wrote, "Bruce and I went to Andover together. We are very close friends. Close friends support close friends. That’s the sum of it."

Bissinger in 2006 gave the commencement address at North Yarmouth Academy. Poliquin was a baseball coach and a board member at NYA.