FALMOUTH — A party that involved members of Falmouth High School’s championship baseball and boys lacrosse teams has led to charges against a Falmouth couple for furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol.

Police received an anonymous tip Saturday at 10:30 p.m. that minors were drinking alcohol at a party at Fieldstone Drive, said Lt. John Kilbride.

Officers found a large party with 75 to 100 high school students and 35 to 40 cars. An owner of the property, Barry Spencer, told police there was no drinking or drugs, and the officers left, Kilbride said.

An hour later, officers pulled over a car for an expired registration, Kilbride said. The driver was sober but some of the car’s occupants said they had been drinking at the Fieldstone Drive property.

Four officers responded and found students had been drinking and smoking marijuana.

Several ran or climbed into cars and tried to leave, Kilbride said. One 17-year-old girl was charged with administrative drunk driving, meaning her blood alcohol content was less than .08 but because she was under 21, she was not allowed to have any alcohol in her system.

Two other teenagers were charged with possession of alcohol and another with possession of marijuana.

Three were charged with possession of alcohol by consumption, he said.

Kilbride said vomit on some of the cars parked there would have indicated to anyone that drinking was taking place. Police found one student passed out on a neighbor’s lawn and called rescue who treated the youth at the scene.

Barry and Paula Spencer are scheduled to appear in court Aug. 16.

The party coincided with Falmouth High School winning state championships in two sports.

“It was members of the baseball and lacrosse teams,” Kilbride said. “I don’t know if it was the whole team.”

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