WINSLOW — A 71-year-old man who has been involved in more than 100 incidents with Winslow police was arrested Wednesday after allegedly assaulting a fireman.

The arrest was one of two run-ins David Maxwell McCaslin, of 47 Clinton Ave., had with police Wednesday, according to Detective Gina Henderson.

At 6:43 p.m., a resident of Clinton Avenue called 911 to say McCaslin was walking down the street with a bloodied face. When fire and rescue units arrived, they found McCaslin sitting on a curb, Henderson said.

“David was bleeding from his face and hands, he was highly intoxicated and he was yelling racial slurs about the president,” she said. “He has a history of doing this stuff when he drinks.”

Henderson said McCaslin appeared disoriented and hostile and wouldn’t answer questions about his injuries. When a fireman attempted to treat McCaslin’s head, McCaslin punched him, Henderson said.

Police handcuffed McCaslin immediately afterward.

McCaslin was taken to Inland Hospital for treatment, then to the police department for booking.

Earlier that evening, at 5:17 p.m., police responded to a report that McCaslin had wandered into a stranger’s home and used coarse language, Henderson said.

“He told the lady he was from the FBI,” she said.

He also cursed at the woman as well as police when he received a warning for trespassing, Henderson said.

Since 2002, Winslow police have responded to more than 100 incidents involving McCaslin, she said.

This year, police have responded to almost 50 calls. Last year, there were more than 50.

In previous years, calls were in the single digits, Henderson said.

About a month ago, McCaslin’s granddaughter filed a protection order against him.

In November, McCaslin was assaulted, bound with duct tape and kidnapped by two dinner guests at his home in Vassalboro, where he was living at the time. McCaslin was stuffed into the trunk of his car and driven around Waterville for several hours. Later, when McCaslin was left alone in the car, he was able to escape and call police, according to Trooper Jeff Beach of Maine State Police.

Beach said McCaslin decided against pressing charges because his abductors were “friends.”

“I’m told that’s true, as far-fetched as it sounds,” Henderson said of the kidnapping.

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