CNN, Fox first got it wrong

NEW YORK – A rush to quickly report the Supreme Court’s decision on President Obama’s health care law Thursday tripped up some news organizations that got it wrong and had to quickly correct themselves.

Both CNN and Fox News Channel initially reported incorrectly that the law’s central provision, requiring virtually all Americans to have health insurance, had been struck down.

CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer and reporter Kate Bolduan quickly reported that the health care law was struck down, based on a reading of Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision that the mandate was not a valid exercise of congressional power under the commerce clause. Later in the reading, the justices found other reasons for upholding that portion of the law.

Fox made the same initial mistake as did several members of Congress who were tweeting reports.

House leaders set vote

WASHINGTON – House Republican leaders Thursday set a vote in two weeks to repeal the nation’s health care law — a largely symbolic act that is not expected to go anywhere in the Democratic-led Senate.

House Minority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said the vote will be July 11.

House Republicans already voted to get rid of the law in one of their first acts in taking the majority in 2011.

Patrick hails court ruling

BOSTON – The decision to uphold President Obama’s health care overhaul, including the individual insurance requirement at the heart of the law, is being hailed as a vindication for Massachusetts.

Massachusetts laid the groundwork for the 2010 federal health law with its 2006 health care initiative and is currently the only state with an “individual mandate,” requiring that nearly all residents have insurance or face tax penalties.

Gov. Deval Patrick hailed the court’s ruling as a victory for the role of government in helping people help themselves. He also praised former Gov. Mitt Romney for signing the state law while at the same time faulting him for his opposition to the federal law.

“Each and every one of the list of horrors Gov. Romney now says will happen in America because of Obamacare did not happen in Massachusetts because of Romneycare,” said Patrick.

— From news service reports