Fred Horch, the Green Independent candidate who had a strong showing in the District 66 race for the state House of Represenatives in 2010, will be on the ballot again in November.

The Brunswick Municipal Committee of the Maine Green Independent Party on Saturday nominated Horch to replace David Frans. 

“I’m looking forward to another chance to give voters in Brunswick’s District 66 a real choice for a better future,” Horch said in a press release. “My campaign will be about bringing people together across political divides to figure out how we can take better care of each other and of our environment which sustains us all."

Horch will enter a three-way race with Democratic candidate Matthea Daughtry and Republican John Bouchard.

A reminder that Republicans in house District 57 will caucus tonight at Augusta City Hall for a replacement candidate. Republicans who live in the district are eligible to participate. The caucus begins at 6 p.m.