A vote for Volk

My name is Ian Bristol. I am a local oncologist, husband, and father of three children living and working in the Scarborough area. I am writing this letter in support of Amy Volk’s bid for re-election to the state House of Representatives in the upcoming election this fall. Amy has served dutifully and admirably over the last two years, proving herself an engaged and loyal representative for our district. We need her continued efforts to promote the well being of our district into the future.

As a politician, Amy’s record over the last two years stands on its own. She worked as lead sponsor or co-sponsor on over 15 separate, notable bills. Her efforts included an act to decrease the tax burden on Maine’s seniors, an act to encourage science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in education, an act to develop a recognizable Maine brand to attract new businesses and expand existing businesses, and multiple acts supporting the lobstering industry, to name a few. When it came to voting on other bills, she frequently chose to cross party lines in accord with her own beliefs rather than simply follow the party guideline.

Despite these notable achievements, the reason we need Amy Volk to continue as our representative is not for what she has already done but for that which she has yet to accomplish. Amy is not your standard “politician.” She is a woman of strong and wholesome values. She is a dedicated wife and mother of four. She and her husband, a small business owner, spend countless hours volunteering in the community, supporting multiple community related organizations, both financially and with their time. She is a strong and active member of her church. Amy does all of this not as a means for self-promotion but because she has a true interest in our community – she did all of these things long before she ever gleaned an interest in politics.

We are at a very tenuous time in history. There is an extreme lack of integrity that currently exists on Capital Hill. Congressmen vote purely along party lines, with no regard to their own personal beliefs or those of their constituents. Greed and deception is more the rule than the exception. The current political climate needs to change. We need to support more people like Amy Volk to create that climate of change. We need to think less about democrat versus republican and more about the integrity of our candidates. Amy Volk is the change we need.

Ian Bristol, MD


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