LOS ANGELES – Robert Pattinson has decided to come back — to the spotlight, that is.

The 26-year-old actor has been out of sight since learning last month that his girlfriend and “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart had an affair with a married movie director. A tabloid printed photos of the illicit dalliance, breaking the hearts of “Twilight” fans worldwide and prompting Stewart and the director to issue public apologies to their loved ones.

But Pattinson can’t lay low forever — he has a film to promote — so he appeared Monday night on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart. It’s a gentle, if obligatory, re-entry into the media machine leading up to Friday’s opening of “Cosmopolis,” the David Cronenberg drama starring the “Twilight” heartthrob.

Work obligations often force celebrities out of hiding after challenging personal situations, but choosing how to make a comeback is often carefully calculated.

“There’s no one show that’s the right answer for everyone,” said Howard Bragman of Reputation.com. “The right answer is the one where you think you’re going to get the most respect.”

Chatter harsh over NBC’s Olympics pre-emption

NEW YORK – Viewers were seeing red after NBC cut away from its coverage of the Olympics closing ceremony to hype a sitcom featuring a monkey.

After the previously scheduled preview of “Animal Practice” aired at 11 p.m. Sunday night, followed by local news, NBC returned at midnight to finish with an eight-minute medley by The Who.

Then host Bob Costas delivered an Olympics postscript before signing off after just 35 minutes in all.

Twitter lit up with complaints.

Disgruntled viewer Nina L. Diamond seemed to speak for many. She tweeted that, thanks to this kind of monkey business, NBC has made itself even less popular than Congress.