As part of the Good Fences for Good Neighbors mural project in Portland, five artists are working with volunteers over the next few weeks to create large-scale murals constructed with recycled materials.

The goals of the East Bayside project, funded largely through the National Endowment for the Arts, are to boost community pride and develop a collaborative culture in the neighborhood, while also providing a visual treat to passersby in four locations.

Shawn Patrick Ouellette / Staff Photographer

In the top photo, Artist Jan Piribeck ties strips of recycled medical supplies Thursday on a fence around a vacant lot along Bayside Trail in Portland. Piribeck and Christopher Wright are working on the mural and call it Blue Wrap Wave. The design is meant to symbolize wave patterns in nearby waters, and suggest the area may be vulnerable to rising sea levels in the future.

In the bottom photo, Artist Kelly Rioux begins work on a fence at Fox Field for the mural project.