I am more than disappointed at the silence of “The (Christian) Church”, especially during this election cycle. By implication, the church’s non-participation suggests that either party platform is acceptable, while actually neither might be spiritually correct.

Granted that there are large areas of overlapping concerns and notions concerning possible approaches to various situations. Regardless of “right” or “left,” while both state and religion claim to be about peace for their people, the similarity stops there, for the state would establish and maintain peace via violence or the threat of violence, while Christianity’s peace is brought about by love.

Why is “The Church” silent regarding the spiritual malice of the use of violence? By its silence it is complicit in the state’s willingness to use violence, and fails in witnessing to the teachings of Jesus. To voice a preference for either Republican or Democrat is an active endorsement of the ways of “the world.” The U.S. is in the 21st century where the Roman Empire was in the 1st: both are problematic for “The Church.”

When will we find the courage and the faith to practice love and non-violence that are the hall marks of The Kingdom? How can we help one another help restore some dignity and joy to our Church?

Peter Boehmer

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