I have finally realized why millionaires hide money in overseas bank accounts. The American voters have been sleeping since the Revolutionary War, forgetting why that war took place and never noticing that their new government was just as bad as the tyrant who used to rule over them.

Our government at all levels has become a gluttonous pig, sucking up every nickel and dime it can smell hiding in piggy banks and cans buried in our back yards. Even the Internal Revenue Service stoops to pay informers to rat out those who hide money and recently paid $104 million to a convicted felon who squealed on Americans hiding money in overseas accounts. At least the IRS paid him after he was let out of prison instead of before he went there.

It is becoming obvious that living in Windham will become more expensive with the many pipe-dream projects that are being proposed, from the estimated $37 million dollar sewer project, the $2 million Chaffin Pond Park and the 21st Century Downtown Project that has already upset many residents who live in quiet neighborhoods who now realize a busy set of interconnecting roads could run by their homes. I should also mention the crumbling Public Works garage, supposed overcrowding at the school and the need for 105 new athletic fields for every new subdivision that’s going to be built in Windham. I suppose it should be 15 new athletic fields but why stop there?

I don’t see how the average Windham citizen is going to afford all of this, especially when one looks at the bad economy, a looming huge federal tax increase and the skyrocketing cost of fuels with winter approaching as well. Mandatory health care will result in one the largest tax increases in American history and most citizens don’t have a clue as to what is happening. Windham is behind on maintenance of its buildings and all one has to do is look closely at the condition of some.

At the local level, I can see only one solution for those who want taxpayers to pay for their wants. Instead of the taxpayers, it’s high time to pay for it themselves. If they want a dog park, then band together and build your own dog park because my dog darn sure won’t be going there. He’s old and he hates your smelly dog. That goes for everything else as well, including walking paths, bike lanes and sports fields.

But I do understand why there is a small group pushing for the sewer project and massive changes to zoning in Windham and I have no problem publicly stating that they have a chance to make money with those changes. I think it’s time for Windham residents to take a serious look at who is pushing for all these projects in Windham and who stands to make money because of them. What I see as the most disgusting part of the proposed sewer project is putting some of the cost on all property owners in Windham although most will never see the sewer connected to their homes. I sense this shifts a good chunk of the cost away from the North Windham business corridor where the alleged groundwater contamination is (but really isn’t).

I feel that this November’s elections are critical, especially at the local level in Windham. We need to elect candidates that will improve the management of our town instead of padding their wallets. We also need to change leadership that harasses some of those who attend council meetings. More on that in future columns.

Lane Hiltunen, of Windham, has one only question. How green is your wallet?