Maine deserves a senator who votes based on principle and fact, not to appease his party. That’s why Angus King has my vote. Reproductive rights and  environmental protection are good examples.

Charlie Summers’ waffling on reproductive health and the environment reflects his pandering to extremists and a willingness to change views based on party dictates, not conviction and scientific research.

Charlie abandoned his pro-choice position under pressure from his party. He also opposes access to contraceptives and women’s preventive health care provided by the Affordable Care Act. On environmental matters, Charlie recently joined climate-change deniers, but then backpedalled.

In contrast, Angus has always supported reproductive rights. He will also continue to lead on environmental protection through support for carbon reduction legislation and increased fuel efficiency standards.

It is hard to know where Charlie stands from day to day. Angus will stand firmly by his convictions and a thorough evaluation of the facts.

Betts Gorsky
Cumberland Foreside

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