I recently attended a meet and greet for state Senate District 11 candidate Chris Tyll and left with a renewed sense that he would represent us well if elected to serve. As a small business owner, he is earnest in his desire to make creating small businesses in Maine a priority by reducing the roadblocks caused by bureaucratic red tape.

Although his opponent, Sen. Dick Woodbury, is a pleasant and intelligent man , he doesn’t seem to be a communicator with his constituents. After almost two years in office, the only time I heard from Sen. Woodbury was about a month ago when I received a newsletter about his tenure in office.

Candidate Tyll has assured me that if elected to serve he will keep his constituents informed throughout the legislative session along with working diligently on their behalf.

Please give Chris Tyll every consideration as you cast your ballot on Nov. 6.

Carolyn Murray
Cumberland Foreside