FALMOUTH — Kindergarten students at Falmouth Elementary School will soon have access to new science materials and books thanks to a donation from a local family.

“About three weeks ago I was approached by a grandmother of one of our kindergarten students. She and her husband said they would like to present a gift to the kindergarten program for materials,” said John Flaherty, co-principal of Falmouth Elementary.

The grandparents, who wished to remain anonymous, wanted their $5,000 gift to be called the Dickenson Family Gift. They gave no specifications as to how the money can be used, except that it must be used to “enhance the kindergarten program at Falmouth Elementary School.”

According to Flaherty, the grandmother was very interested in having some of the money be used for science materials to be shared among the school’s kindergarten classrooms.

With the money, the district plans to purchase eight science exploration kits, several sets of guided reading books, and gross motor skills materials, such as Hula Hoops. Additionally, the school plans to use some funds to bring in a visiting artist or performer to enrich the kindergarten curriculum.

Flaherty said the grandfather, unfortunately, died the day after the couple made their donation to the school, but that the pair was very excited about the impact their gift would have on the school.

Members of the School Board thanked the family for their gift and Superintendent Barbara Powers said that she would draft an official letter of thanks to be sent to the family.

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