I’m the sister of Kenneth “Jake” Myrick.

I’m the oldest of eight children, Jake being child No. 7. He has had to struggle and fight since the moment of his birth. He was born premature, weighting less than two pounds. He lived a childhood full of dysfunction, poverty and parents that struggled both domestic and alcohol abuse.

Jake being the strong fighter and caring person that he is broke that cycle to become the outstanding, hardworking and considerate human being that he is.

After graduating from South Portland High School he enlisted in the Army and served six years, mostly overseas.

I believe that Jake is the right candidate for House District 123, South Portland-Cape Elizabeth. He will fight hard for what he believes is best for Maine, such as, lowering property taxes, support for families, children, veterans, small businesses and to reduce wasteful government spending.

You will not be disappointed.

Tracy Oliver
South Portland 

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