I enthusiastically support the candidacies of Charlie Summers and Chris Tyll. I’ve known both individuals for some time now, and I can personally attest to their total preparedness for the important offices they each seek.

Charlie Summers’ experience as a small businessman, Maine state senator, U.S. Navy officer, and our current secretary of state has provided him with a solid foundation and several perspectives for contending with runaway government spending and arrogant behavior. That experience, and his very strong sense of values, makes him the clear choice for Maine’s next U.S. senator.

Likewise, Chris Tyll has achieved distinction as a person of strong determination and rock-solid character. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, was a U.S. Navy SEAL leader, completed four deployments to Iraq, and is currently an honorably recognized small-business owner. Chris gets my vote for Maine state senator in District 11.

Jeff Weinstein