I am fortunate to be a graduate of the Lifestyle Choices program at Parkview Adventist Medical Center. It is a unique and special program taught in a positive, encouraging, honest, kind and compassionate manner by excellent doctors and staff. The doctors and staff at Parkview also speak at public events to further spread the word about how to achieve better health.

In a country where illness and disease is widespread and medical costs have skyrocketed, there is a critical need for programs like the ones at Parkview. Parkview’s philosophy and programs teach people how to move towards the best health they can achieve, which not only makes people feel better, but also happens to be cheaper. Better health and less risk for disease results in fewer surgeries and medications now and in the future.

I have met people who have had great success with their health using the principles taught in Lifestyle Choices. I encourage anyone who has diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a weight problem, or any other health problem to sign up for Lifestyle Choices. Even if you don’t have any health problems that you are aware of, and want to have the lowest possible risk for disease, Lifestyle Choices will help you do that. Participants in the class will obtain valuable knowledge that they will not get anywhere else in the area.

I encourage everyone to support Parkview’s programs.

Stacie Buccina