SCARBOROUGH — It took eight days and three sets of vote totals in Maine House District 127 to confirm that state Rep. Amy Volk, R-Scarborough, will return to the Legislature for a second, two-year term.

Volk was declared the winner in a recount Wednesday at the Department of Public Safety in Augusta, defeating Democratic challenger Paul Aranson 2,728 to 2,716. The recount expanded Volk’s unofficial victory margin of only five votes.

“I guess I am relieved it is over and I will be able to return to my job representing coastal Scarborough,” Volk said. “It certainly could have gone either way.”

Unofficial results released Nov. 7 by Scarborough Town Clerk Yolande Justice first showed Volk the winner by 18 votes, 2,441 to 2,423.

“I feel great, it was a wonderful experience,” said Aranson, who requested the recount. “I’m a better person for it, and we will see what the future holds.”

The candidates saw opposing reasons for the narrow margin maintained by Volk. She said the race might have been closer because Democrats turned out to re-elect President Obama, and because Question 1 to approve same-sex marriage drew voters to the polls.

Aranson said support for Scarborough husband-and-wife candidates Charlie Summers, running for the U.S. Senate, and Ruth Summers, running for the state Senate, attracted Republican voters, even though Ruth Summers was not running in a Senate district also covered by House District 127.

Aranson, who last campaigned for Cumberland County district attorney two decades ago, said he might have created a better Internet presence for his candidacy.

“I probably would have done a website,” he said.

Volk, who maintains a Facebook page, said it was hard to determine exactly what could have provided the winning edge.

“Who knows, standing out on the corner waving street signs could have made the difference,” she said.

Justice said the additional votes and narrowed margin found in the state-certified results were attributed to some totals that did not carry over on a spreadsheet and state tabulation of absentee and overseas ballots.

The recount was one of nine being conducted this week in state legislative races.

But Scarborough Democrat Jean-Marie Caterina decided last weekend she would not seek a recount after losing the House District 128 race to incumbent Republican Rep. Heather Sirocki.

Unofficial results showed Sirocki winning 3,029 to 2,913. Caterina conceded the race in a letter while thanking her supporters and extending best wishes to Sirocki in the upcoming legislative term.

Volk said she looks forward to the new term and input from her constituency.

“I’m just looking forward to representing the people of Scarborough. I don’t have an agenda, my job is to represent citizens in my district,” she said.

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