A University of New England professor who co-edited an 18-volume encyclopedia on sustainability science says it will be a “touchstone” for business leaders and academics today, and into the future.

The work, 12,555 pages long, is a definitive collection on 38 areas of sustainability science, such as ocean health, climate change, renewable energy and fossil fuel technologies,

Barry Costa-Pierce, director of the UNE Marine Science Center, wrote four of the chapters in “Springer Science’s Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology” and was one of 41 editors. In addition to the 18-volume print edition, there is an online edition that will continue to be updated with the latest science, he said.

Photo by John Patriquin / Staff Photographer

“This is a touchstone in time,” he said, noting that sustainability science is only about 20 years old and constantly evolving. The contributions show that we “can maintain a prosperous society worldwide without taking from the future. It’s a hopeful book,” he said.