I used this week’s quotation for a very precise reason. It is obvious that some kind of political stalker was using a video camera to record whatever Joe Biden was saying on the political campaign trail.

In Maine the recent news has been that a stalker paid for by the Democrats is recording every one of our governor’s political appearances. Make no mistake about it, every political party is doing exactly the same thing. My immediate thought on this can only come to one conclusion. Political parties are not out there for us. They are doing these recordings to do future damage to their political opponents.

Since life began, it has always been the survival of the fittest. I have no doubt that mankind has abandoned that theory and politicians are my greatest proof. It is my opinion when one political party pays someone to stalk their political opponents in order to influence the next election, every voter in Maine and America is now the loser. And I must ask this question because it will define our moral decay even more. Would you be proud if your sister, brother, spouse, child or parent made money by stalking political opponents?

Mainers are proud of their political heritage. I would love to state that they should be but it is obvious that there have been serious changes. I see a direct correlation between politics and morals, and there is no doubt that as politics becomes nastier, so do the politicians in order to promote their own personal agendas. I dropped out of the Republican Party because I finally realized that Windham has Republicans practicing crony capitalism and I want no part of that. I have no doubt that the Windham Town Council has councilors practicing the same.

The best definition of crony capitalism I found was that it describes an economy that has a close relationship between government officials and business owners. The recent attempt by the majority of Windham town councilors to place a multi-million-dollar sewer project on the backs of residential taxpayers is nothing less than absolute proof that they will try something else in future. I personally feel that spot zoning, which is illegal by Maine standards, has already happened while there are no impact fees established in Windham as well.

But I now have a feeling it’s time to watch all levels of government even closer. The political parties in Washington, DC are still fighting over the so-called fiscal cliff as the Bush tax cuts (residential and business taxes) expire on Jan. 1. There is also talk of increasing tax rates on those making over $250,000 while giving tax cuts to those making less than that. And if you think that you are safe from paying more income taxes, think again. The reason is that Congress might pretend to give you a tax cut while the deductions we can use for our mortgages and donations to nonprofits could disappear. Then there’s ObamaCare, the largest tax increase in American history as far as I am concerned.

Now for the real kicker on all federal benefits which will affect all those on social security: Our good old members of Congress are working on reducing the cost-of-living increases that those on Social Security are supposed to receive at the beginning of each new year. Instead of just looking at the annual inflation rate, if a product like pork increases and beef decreases, the government presumes you will buy the cheaper meat, so it means smaller increases in social security. That just stinks.

Lane Hiltunen, of Windham, believes that government stalks us way too much already.

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