The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has resolved three pollution cases in southern Maine, the agency announced Friday.

The owner of the Wyman Power Station in Yarmouth has paid a $25,825 fine for exceeding its air emissions standards in the past year, according to the DEP. The fine covers 17 separate violations of the plant’s limits for nitrogen oxides or opacity between Feb. 3 and July 7, 2012. An opacity violation means the exhaust is too dense.

D.A.B. Inc., an auto salvage and parts dealer in Freeport, was fined $22,939 for a series of hazardous waste violations, according to DEP. The company is paying the fine over time.

The DEP enforcement report said the junkyard failed to mark or secure hazardous wastes, including waste gasoline and mercury switches, and improperly discharged waste oil at the site. The company has notified the DEP that it took corrective action to address the violations.

The DEP also has won a $26,775 court order against a Biddeford boat owner who abandoned a leaking vessel in the Saco River in 2009, according to the agency.

Donald Dube’s sailing vessel, Pandora, ran aground on the Biddeford side of the river in September 2009, discharging about 40 gallons of diesel fuel.

Dube did not remove the vessel as he was ordered to, leaving the DEP to pay the salvage and disposal costs, the agency said. A Superior Court justice ordered Dube to pay the costs, plus interests and attorneys fees.