WELLS — Wells police said Wednesday a raccoon found off Littlefield Road tested positive for rabies, but warned residents not to panic if they see raccoons outside during the day.

Police Chief Jo-Ann Putnam said a dog on Robinson Road came into contact on Saturday with a raccoon that was acting aggressively. The raccoon was killed and taken to Augusta, where a lab test showed it was rabid.

It is not unusual for a raccoon to be out during the day in the winter, but residents should call police if the animal is acting aggressively toward animals or people, Putnam said.

“We just want to make residents aware of this positive rabies test so that if you see wild animals in your neighborhood please be cautious and monitor your children and pets while they are outside,” Putnam said.

Residents with questions or concerns are asked to call animal control officer Roberta “Bobbi” Mescavage at 646-9354.