It is obvious that the U.S. Postal Service is in financial trouble. Such proposals as closing offices, restricting Saturday delivery and raising postal rates really do not address the economic issue — not enough income to pay for the monetary demands.

Rural Free Delivery is no longer an option that can continue. Figuratively speaking, out of a first-class stamp on an item mailed via the mail route comes vehicle use allowance, medical insurance, retirement, sick leave, vacation time, salary, etc. (Each of these items is related to the delivery staff personnel.)

All postal boxes in locations other than a post office are “rural.” Another definition may be that all recipients of mail delivered to a location other than a post office are “rural.” Those who rent a post office mailbox are assessed fees that may start at $46-plus, depending on the size of the box. A rural box is much larger than the small box in a post office. This rural box is free delivery.

I don’t understand why the powers that be have not determined that the terrible debt incurred by the USPS could be brought under control by assessing a fee for Rural Free Delivery.

Let’s face the fact that current recipients of free mail delivery may not be pleased with a fee. However, raising mail rates, closing offices and restricting Saturday delivery, thus inconveniencing the millions who need the mail service because only a few are paying for it, in my opinion, are not the answers.

Michele Boston is a resident of North Berwick.