(NewsUSA) – There’s something to be said for the media gurus who immerse themselves in the whole industry. Multi-media mogul Armstrong Williams began as a South Carolina high schooler with an aptitude for public speaking and wound up hosting a daily radio show and nationally syndicated TV program, “The Right Side With Armstrong Williams.”

The 51-year-old entrepreneur has never shown signs of slowing down. His early PR work turned into a full-fledged devotion to broadcasting, and now he’s a regular conservative columnist for publications like Newsmax and the Washington Times.

Williams is also frequently invited as a guest commentator on networks such as MSNBC, Washington Watch, C-SPAN, Sky news and Joy Behar’s “Say Anything.”

The Washington Post describes the radio host as “one of the most recognized conservative voices in America.” He’s also a provocative voice who doesn’t believe in partisan politics and isn’t afraid to challenge anyone, be they representatives or their constituents.

“Although my fundamental values haven’t changed, my perspective has broadened. Above all, I do not delve into partisan politics,” says Williams, who’s always willing to take on legislators.

Williams is all too familiar with the political landscape in Washington, noting that “public policy is inherently grey,” but his expertise exceeds the realm of politics.

Now that Williams has hosted television and radio programs, including his daily 6-7pm EST Sirius 128 Live broadcast, and solidified himself as an assertive political analyst, he’s branched out to running entire stations.

Williams has two decades of experience producing public affairs and entertainment programming, but with the help of Sinclair Broadcast Group, his company Howard Stirk Holdings, LLC now owns two full-powered broadcast stations, NBC 25 WEYI, Flint, Mich. and CW WWMB 25, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Williams’ venture emerged from a larger deal in which Sinclair acquired the assets of 18 other TV stations — further cementing Sinclair as America’s largest independent owner of broadcast TV. Williams’ longstanding professional history with Sinclair shows he’s already versed in managing programming, advertising and producing prime-time specials.

“[The] announcement fulfills a lifelong dream to own and operate broadcast facilities and give back to an industry that I love,” Williams says. “Many in the industry talk about diversity and expanding opportunity, but here the Sinclair Broadcast Group is putting words into action.”

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