Portland native Albert Glickman didn’t start with much. When he was 3, during the depths of the Great Depression, his father died in a car accident. But with luck and brains, Glickman was able to get a free education through the University of California system, becoming a fabulously successful real estate broker and pioneering shopping center developer on the West Coast.

But Glickman, who died Saturday at the age of 79, will be remembered in Maine less for the money he made than for the money he gave away.

Throughout his career, Glickman was an energetic and generous philanthropist, supporting arts organizations like the Portland Symphony and the Portland Museum of Art and psychiatric service providers like Spring Harbor Hospital in Westbrook. He created a family foundation that donates hundreds of thousands of dollars in the state every year.

He is best known locally for his donations to University of Southern Maine, especially the library on Forest Avenue, which is named for him. Donations like these will be his legacy in his hometown, where he started with so little. This community will not forget him.