Fourth-graders from Georgetown Central School went to the Bath Farmers’ Market recently to do a presentation on their compost project.

We brought our presentations and talked about the work we did in the fall. Here’s what we shared:

For the compost we built sifters to mix the compost and get all the big rocks out. While some of us were sifting, four kids — Riley Savoie, Henry Pinkham, Grady Suhr and Garyson Page — were putting the compost bins together.

Four fourth-grade girls (Ali Burns, Althea Rogenes, Brook Kulis and Anora Rice) put the sifted compost in one of the beds in our greenhouse and then planted the garlic. Josh Haycock and Jordan Jones were sifting all the compost to use outside on our garden.

We also had to spend time watering the beds in the greenhouse because they were so dry. We are excited to do more with the compost in school like composting kitchen food waste.

Now the fourth-graders are raking the big garden bed next to the compost. We are also shoveling the compost and dumping it into the garden so we can grow vegetables this summer.


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