After 10+ years of wrestling with improving the Route 1 retail area, the Falmouth Town Council has put an exciting and fiscally prudent referendum on the June 11 ballot (Question 1). Along with the state’s scheduled repaving project, passage of Question 1 will encourage economic development, improve safety for pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic, and promote a more dynamic place to shop and live. The plan has been painstakingly developed and thoroughly vetted in meetings with the community and business owners, and it enjoys widespread support from all quarters. Through the Tax Increment Finance district set up in 2000, much of the project’s funding has already accrued, and the remainder will come from future property taxes generated only in the TIF district. This leaves Falmouth’s residential property taxpayers insulated from these costs.

On June 11 (or before), vote yes on Question 1.

Cathy Breen

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