Falmouth is blessed with incredible natural resources and has diligently protected them for years. Our shoreline areas are well preserved and easily accessible. Town Landing is a great example of commercial use blended with recreational use in a unique way that heightens the experience for everyone coming and going through our busy little harbor. Our parks and public lands offer a wide array of options for sports, hiking, biking, alpine skiing, and overall enjoyment of Mother Nature. It is rare to find such a well-conceived and executed plan to bring together a network of open spaces such as what we enjoy in Falmouth.

I for one am truly grateful for all that town departments such as Community Programs and Public Works, as well as the Falmouth Land Trust do to make what we have possible. We also owe thanks to the Conservation Corps for their efforts to construct and maintain the amazing network of trails that can take us seamlessly through miles of almost untouched fields, woods and watershed areas. Summer is here and I encourage everyone to get out there and enjoy the shoreline and open space treasures that Falmouth has to offer.

Town Councilor Chris Orestis