Scarborough Land Trust relies on many partnerships and public support to conserve land for public benefit. Many visitors with dogs enjoy our trails at Libby River Farm, Fuller Farm, Sewell Woods, and Broadturn Farm. We ask dog owners to be considerate of others by following some simple rules.

Please pick up your dog waste and properly dispose of the bags off site. Several of our trails have problems with dog owners not picking up after their dogs, or leaving bags of waste behind. We do not have waste barrels available, as property stewardship is managed by SLT volunteers who are not able to maintain barrels.

Also, please be sure your dog is under reliable voice or leash control at all times. We have had complaints from visitors who have been threatened and jumped on by dogs.

Leashes are required for dogs at our Libby River Farm property to avoid disturbing outdoor youth education and horseback riding programs at Camp Ketcha. SLT has a cooperative agreement with Camp Ketcha for access to Libby River Farm. Please help us be a good neighbor to this valued partner by keeping your dog on leash.

We want many different visitors to enjoy our properties. Please do your part so we can keep our properties open to dogs. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Paul Austin, president
Scarborough Land Trust