Finally, Westbrook bans the use of fireworks! With the exception of July 4, July 5, and New Year’s Eve, Westbrook residents are no longer allowed to shoot off fireworks. I could not be happier about this recent change, and know it will bring great joy to many of my neighbors, as well.

My family and I have lived here for nearly 12 years, and we absolutely love our neighborhood. We could not ask for more pleasant, friendly, and helpful neighbors.

Unfortunately, when fireworks were legalized, a few people in the neighborhood abused this privilege. The total lack of respect people have given their neighbors lately has absolutely amazed me. Shooting off fireworks all hours of the night not only scares the children, it also keeps them awake late at night, even on school nights.

Another example, of the problems caused by fireworks is how this has also been very traumatic to some dogs in the neighborhood by scaring them and causing them distress. It has been very frustrating to say the least. Even my children have been very annoyed with the fireworks, and are absolutely thrilled about the recent ban.

If these rude and disrespectful people had not been abusing the privilege to shoot off fireworks, maybe they would not have lost it, but they did. Several of my neighbors and I could not be more excited about this news. Now, finally our neighborhood can get back to its normal, peaceful way.

Shannon May


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