I want to respond to the column

“Maine Voices: Immigration reform, a boon for all, should be embraced, not feared”

(Aug. 6).

The author seems to paint a bright picture of somehow passing the amnesty bill would be economically viable for the United States. He never mentions any detrimental effects the bill would have if it becomes law.

Since 1986 there have been seven more amnesties for illegal immigrants. That doesn’t speak well for government promises.

This current amnesty is no different from the former ones. It is filled with magnificent promises that will only follow the pathway of the former amnesties. The author lauds illegal aliens for their economic contributions. However, the Heritage Foundation determined that “the current fiscal drain (services used minus taxes paid) from illegal-immigrant households was $55 billion a year, and if the immigrants receive permanent legal status it would rise to $106 billion a year.”

Illegal aliens are not immigrants; they are intruders who broke U.S. law by their form of entry. I was at the border with the Minutemen, and I did not see a good crop of entrepreneurs among them.

This amnesty will give us more of the same: lies, broken promises and huge economic costs.

Ken Roy is a resident of Center Lovell.


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