Ke$ha isn’t sure where she is.

“Am I in Virginia?” she asks someone nearby.

No, she’s not drunk — though almost every hit the 26-year-old pop princess has put out over the past four years is drenched in beer and Jack Daniels. She’s just on concert No. 39 of a tour that has been all over North America and through a dozen stops in Europe. She plays the Bangor Waterfront Pavilion on Friday.

“I rarely know where I am when I wake up. But I figure it out before I go on stage,” Ke$ha said during a recent phone interview.

In addition to teasing her tour, she also talked about a few recent adventures, including a mishap with a power tool, a random tattoo and the surprising wardrobe choice she makes when practicing yoga.

Q: What are you hoping your fans get out of your live show?

A: I want my fans to be very entertained the entire time. I in the past have been known to jump off stage and kiss people on the mouth if they’re yawning. So I want it to be ideally the best night of your life. I would love for my fans to get ready and get excited and hide whiskey in their backpacks — if, of course, you’re of age — and come all dressed up and make friends, because I feel like it’s an environment where everybody’s there for the same common goal, which is to completely go crazy, sans judgment. And hopefully in the end leave covered with glitter.

Q: I’ve read about inflatable pink hippos, stripper poles, using a grinder to shoot sparks off a metal belt … where do you come up with this stuff?

A: Any idea that makes me laugh out loud when somebody says it usually means it’s a good idea, and the best ideas often come from them being a joke at first. People will say ideas in a joking manner, and then I’ll be like, “No, wait, that’s brilliant!” So then I will get a 12-foot stripper pole that I can use power tools on. … Everybody’s ideas are thrown at the wall and (we) see what sticks, but I will say the power tools on my lady parts — that one was my idea.

Q: Are you good with power tools?

A: No. I actually got electrocuted on stage.

Q: Seriously?

A: Yeah, but I’m all right. It just kind of freaked me out, because all of a sudden my body started shaking violently and I was like, “What is going on? Either I’m having a seizure, or I’m being electrocuted, or the aliens have come down and I’m being zapped into a spaceship.” I didn’t really know what was happening. But it all worked out.

Q: What other crazy stuff has happened on tour?

A: (During) my “Warrior” tour in Europe, four of my fans — who I’m now good friends with — they followed me all over Europe. About the fifth show in, I came outside my tour bus, and I gave them all wine, and we were all drinking wine together, and they were like, “Let’s all get a tattoo!” And I was like, “All right, cool.” So fast-forward, the last night of tour (in Vienna), me, my tour manager, my brother, and these four fans all got matching cat tattoos. I call them cattoos. It’s a tattoo of a cat, and it says “Animal” on my foot. Then we all proceeded to get a little drunk and have a dance party.

Q: I saw a story online this week about Canadians up in arms over the fact that your show in Windsor, Ontario, was all-ages, despite lots of profanity and references to sex. What would you say to parents who are considering letting younger kids attend your show?

A: Listen, I am not a baby sitter. I will talk about the birds and the bees a little bit. It’s a show that is rooted in acceptance and in love, but I do kind of have a potty mouth. So if your child has never heard dirty words before, it might be a little bit of a shock. But I just have to do what I do. I have to just be myself — that’s the whole message.

Q: Stage persona aside, what are some normal, everyday, uninteresting things about you?

A: Well, I am one of those crazy cat people that thinks my cat’s the cutest cat in the world, and I sit around and talk to my cat for hours. Let’s see … I really like scaring the (expletive) out of myself. I love watching really scary movies. Oh, and I love doing yoga in the woods. But I don’t wear pants, so it’s really not that boring.

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