It may be September, but that doesn’t mean grilling season is over. In fact, some of the best grilling happens starting now right through next spring. No hot sun, no humidity, and no mosquitos or black flies!

It’s also harvest time. With all that beautiful fresh produce (which is also delicious on the grill) why not pair it up with something a little more exciting than a hot dog? Pineland Farms Natural Meats is an excellent choice.

Pineland Farms Natural Meats is dedicated to producing the finest cuts of all natural beef for every taste and every occasion. Whether you’re planning a special feast, a simple meal, dining out or cooking at home, there’s a cut of beef that will make your experience special.

“Our beef is naturally raised with absolutely no hormones or antibiotics, ever. Our cattle eat a 100 percent strict vegetarian diet with no animal byproducts, ever,” says Bill Haggett, CEO of Pineland Farms Natural Meats. “We have an aggressive animal welfare program for our cattle – one of the most advanced in the country.”

“If you’ve never tasted Pineland Farms Natural Beef, you’re in for a revelation,” adds David Ordway, vice president of sales and marketing for Pineland Farms Natural Meats. “There’s a reason our beef is featured by fine chefs throughout the Northeast.”

Rich, tender, juicy, USDA Grade A Choice and Prime cuts of Pineland Farms Natural Beef are easily found at grocers including Hannaford, Whole Foods and Bow Street Market in Freeport. (And, of course, in The Market at Pineland Farms.) You’ll find sliced steaks, including tenderloins and sirloins, ground beef, ground beef burgers, meatballs and, yes, even all-beef hot dogs.


While our beef is second to none, we’re also quite proud of our North Star Farms brand of lamb that is pasture-raised on certified organic grassland.

Farmers Phil and Lisa Webster have been sheep farming together since 1984, and have operated North Star Sheep Farm in Windham since 1997. Their pure bread sheep also graze at Pineland’s Collyer Brook Farm in New Gloucester, part of Pineland Farms. The Websters’ whole operation is Animal Welfare Approved, which means it meets the highest standards of animal care as well as those for sustainability and commitment to community.

“We want people to feel confident in our sheep as a food source,” says Lisa Webster. “Lamb is a nutritious, low fat, delicious food, and our lamb comes from an environment that is far healthier than commercially raised sheep.”

If you’ve ever visited Pineland Farms, you’ve seen the Suffolk sheep grazing freely along the hillsides. As with Pineland cattle, the sheep are fed a 100 percent vegetarian diet of natural grasses and grains with no artificial growth hormones and no antibiotics. Pineland’s North Star Farms Lamb is the only local supplier of lamb to Whole Foods Markets in the North Atlantic Region.

For a delicious, healthy way to change your menu, give our North Star Farms lamb a try. We sell all cuts, including ground lamb.

Grilling, roasting, frying, braising – it doesn’t matter. If you choose Pineland Farms Natural Meats, you’re choosing the best.

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