FALMOUTH — Police placed a reverse 911 call to residents Thursday, Oct. 3, to warn them about a series of attempted burglaries by a man who is still at large.

Lt. John Kilbride said the call was made Thursday night after a string of incidents, beginning with a motor vehicle burglary about 3:30 p.m. at West Falmouth Crossing, on Gray Road, during which the burglar may have cut his hand.

Next, the bleeding man entered two houses on Fox Road. He was confronted by homeowners at each location.

The bleeding man told the homeowners that he was “working for a local landscaping company,”and quickly fled in a white pickup truck, Kilbride said.

Next, the police received a report of a break-in at 7:34 p.m. on Heather Road and decided to place the reverse 911 call, believing the burglar to be dangerous.

“He was not fearful of being seen or being caught, which was obviously of concern to us,” Kilbride said. “He might have been on drugs based on this bizarre and aggressive behavior.”

The suspect was described by witnesses as being in his early 20s, tall and slender with blond hair. 

Kilbride said police are still investigating the case, and might be able to identify a suspect based on forensic evidence found at the homes.

Another burglary, which was reported on Monday, is believed to be related, Kilbride said. In that case, copper pipes were stolen from a construction site.

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