A grand jury in Androscoggin County has charged a Connecticut man with manslaughter in the shooting death of an egg farm worker in Turner.

The grand jury rose Wednesday and issued the indictment against Michael Warbin, 44, of Franklin, Conn.

Warbin, a contractor, was shooting at rodents and stray chickens as he cleared one of Moark Egg Farms’ huge buildings in Turner on Aug. 19. A bullet from his .22-caliber rifle killed Manuel Adame, 57, police said. Adame died from gunshots to the chest and neck, police said.

Deputy Attorney General William Stokes would not comment on the grand jury proceedings. He did say that a person is guilty of manslaughter if they “with reckless criminal negligence cause the death of another human being.”

The egg house where Warbin was working is 500 feet long and poorly lit. Police said they believe Warbin was at one end, firing into the building, and Adame was at the other end.

Stokes said early in the investigation that it was not an intentional killing so it was not murder. He said it was important to the victim’s family that prosecutors presented a thorough case to the grand jury.

Adame worked for the egg farm for almost 10 years, sending money home to his wife and daughter in Durango, Mexico, Stokes said.

The egg farm is owned by the Land O’ Lakes dairy conglomerate.

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