Brand: Kia
Model: Cadenza
Category: Full-sized sedan
Weight: 3,788 lbs.
Length: 196”
Engine: 3.3 L; V-6; 293 hp
Transmissions: 6-speed automatic; all-wheel drive
Passengers: 5

And now, it’s Kia’s turn to enter the full-sized sedan market. Indeed, as Kia is Hyundai’s parent company, it shares not only many technical and mechanical aspects with its siblings but also quite a few models that compete in the same segments. Up until now, Hyundai was covering the full-sized sedan market in North America with the Genesis, but Kia is now ready to take its place in this segment with the brand new Cadenza. The Cadenza is more than just an extension of the Kia line. It’s an allnew car with its own specifications. It is powered by the manufacturer’s very impressive 3.3-litre V-6 and comes with front-wheel drive. Naturally, the Cadenza comes with a large interior featuring all the amenities sought by luxury car buyers. As a real touring vehicle, this big sedan offers room enough for five passengers and has a fairly big trunk for all their luggage.

Kia has designed this car to be as luxurious as possible for its class at a very affordable price. On top of the base model, Kia offers the Luxury version Cadenza, with a panoramic sunroof, and a Technology version, with larger wheels and adaptive cruise control. After the success of the Credenza, we’re willing to bet that Kia will soon be coming out with a high-end luxury car!

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