To the Editor:

I would like to know why, oh why is Brunswick bent on taking away the history of the downtown?

First it was not allowing vendors on the Mall during certain hours. Next it was the rerouting around the church by taking down the beautiful tree that was lighted every year for the holidays. Now you have taken away parking spots in front of downtown shops and created bumps the entire width of Maine Street in two areas.

What the heck is going on? I am just thankful I am not a taxpayer or a shop owner because, if I was, you all would be getting an earful — that is, if you aren’t getting it already. My husband, unfortunately, has to go through Maine Street in order to get to South Harpswell with his load of material. It is either that or the other way around, which is much, much longer. There is no telling what those bumps will do to trucks like his, considering the humps or bumps are at an angle, so the truck frames with be tested.

Did anyone think of that? I think not.

Like I said, I am very thankful my tax dollars are not being wasted on such silliness and I live in a town that does not throw taxpayers’ money down the tubes.

Dorothy Carrier