To the Editor:

If Shadi Towfighi and her guests at the Kismet Inn are disturbed by the city clock (“Inn owner: Church bell hurting business,” Nov. 11, Page A1) they must be an unusually sensitive group. Has anyone else complained?

My family has lived across Washington Street from the clock tower since 1961. The bell is about 50 feet from our guest room.

For over 50 years, members of my family and many, many guests have slept in that room. I can think of only one who has ever grumbled about the bell ringing in the night. He was a guy who claimed to be unable to sleep if a clock quietly ticked within hearing distance.

In any case, the city clock has been faithfully chiming the hour, every hour, for 160 years. I can think of no good reason it should be stifled — certainly not merely because somebody decided to open a B & B on Summer Street.

Allen Gaul