While MaineCare transportation before LogistiCare was not perfect, the loss of York County Community Action transportation providers will be terrible (“MaineCare rides program losing drivers in York County,” Dec. 14).

LogistiCare provided one ride for my son one morning. He was transported from Hollis to Biddeford by way of Portland. This meant he was picked up 30 minutes early, announced by a phone call 15 minutes before the driver arrived, and was in the car 30 minutes longer than necessary.

The experience was bad enough that since that time, I have opted to avoid LogistiCare transportation.

I was under the impression that the reason for the broker system was to avoid conflict-of-interest problems. Seems to me if LogistiCare is supplying drivers as well as brokering, the conflict of interest continues.

Can someone explain the benefit of LogistiCare? I have had other problems with LogistiCare, but there is not enough space to go into it here.

Peter Lovell



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