In response to Marilyn Reynolds’ letter on why “Cutler puts Maine at risk of more damage by LePage” (Dec. 16):

The only thing putting Maine at further political risk is creating a culture of fear around a third-party candidate – a fear that promotes damaging partisanship and negates the foundation of democratic election. The only thing “appallingly unethical” is putting party interests before Maine’s interests.

Party affiliation should not decide the next governor of Maine. By being a candidate in this race, Eliot Cutler represents the right to remain independent from the ever-widening bipartisan politics of Democrats and Republicans.

His philosophy, his politics are his own, not his party’s. Is that self-interest, or is it taking the more challenging road to be the type of governor that Maine truly deserves?

The next several years are crucial for Maine – in terms of social, economic and environmental development and change. We need to know that Maine’s future is in the hands of someone who puts Maine’s interests before party politics. And that person is Eliot Cutler

Sue Ellen Bordwell



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