Yes, Virginia, there are still miracles that happen at Christmastime.

On Dec. 19, I drove to Standish to pick up my four grandchildren to take them to the Maine Mall to do some Christmas shopping and see the Christmas displays. The two older ones went shopping by themselves and thought that was a pretty big deal.

After a couple hours shopping, we went to Friendly’s for lunch. The grandchildren ordered the usual “health food” of fries, chicken fingers and such. There was a nice lady sitting in back of us, and she commented on how well-behaved the children were. A short while later she left.

When the waitress walked by us, I asked for the bill and she said, “It has already been paid for.” I thought she had made some kind of mistake, and again she informed me that the bill had been paid for and it was paid by the lady who was sitting behind us.

So you see, Virginia, there is still kindness and kind people in this world. I don’t know her name or where she lives but I do want to thank this lady, even though it is through a newspaper, for her generosity to a total stranger and the grandchildren.

Our paths may never cross again, but the one and only one knows of her generosity, and she will be blessed by it.

Thank you so much. Now it is my turn.

Dawn Canwell


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