A motor vehicle must have two headlights, one on each side.

The main beam of light may not be higher than the headlight center.

Headlights must be equipped with lenses or reflectors that emit white light only.

A motor vehicle may be equipped with two fog lights upon the front that emit amber or white light, as long as the rays do not shine more than 2 feet above the road at a distance of 30 feet.

So now that we know the law, why the frown?

It seems after you clipped that snowbank during the last storm, you didn’t get over to the garage and get that headlight fixed. Maybe you meant to pick one up the last time you were in Walmart but forgot.


Well, you just blinded me while I was driving my wife home from work, on a terribly treacherous day of travels.

Yeah, that’s right. That was me who almost went off the road because of you! Good thing I know how to drive around idiots like you.

I can’t understand why they bust people for going over the speed limit, etc., but they don’t pull jerks like that guy off the roads and make them replace their headlamps.

I thought I had a motorcycle coming toward me the other night, but it was your fog lights. You people with fog lights are missing one thing – fog! You use them for everything but fog. Shut ’em off, you fools!

At least turn them off when someone thinks they’re too bright comin’ at them – because they are too bright!

Common courtesy toward others – that’s the one rule everyone seems to forget. If we all went back to that rule we’d be OK, but some of you never learned that rule, did you?

I guess Massachusetts is a lot closer than we thought.

Scott Grant
New Gloucester

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