Every day we learn more about how the LePage administration and the Department of Health and Human Services constantly show disregard for the poor, the young and the elderly, as well as those who come to Maine seeking freedom.

Gov. LePage has refused millions of dollars from the federal government for Medicaid expansion. The DHHS has failed to ensure the care of children in day care centers, and they keep insisting that we in Maine can’t afford to provide health care to some 70,000 people who need it.

Considering the mismanagement of the Department of Environmental Protection, perhaps it should now be called the DED – Department of Environmental Destruction.

I wish we could sue LePage and his staff and/or force them out of office before they can harm anyone else.

We must vote LePage out of office at our next election. I will vote for Mike Michaud because he can work with both parties and show that we care for all our citizens, not just the wealthy, and will turn our economy around.

Christine Kimball

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