Personally, I love revenue sharing, as it keeps my real estate taxes down, but I more than likely paid in a lot more then I’ll ever get back.

There is something wrong in letting the state collect sales tax and other taxes to give back to the towns.

Normally, when you send a lot of money into a fund somewhere and then want it back, a lot of the money is lost in the round trip back from your right-hand pocket, to the state, to the town and back to your left-hand pocket. A lot is lost!

Towns need to stick to a budget, just like the state does and federal government should (but will not, as the feds print their worthless paper money).

Towns should not be looking for handouts, as the state will just tax all of us for the money for the handout. We are the state!

Cut our taxes and drop revenue sharing. It is not hard to do. Just come out with more year-round residential rebates for year-round Mainers, so the richer out-of-staters pay more for those lake- and oceanfront vacation homes in order to lower year-round Mainers’ taxes by rebates.


How about dropping the tree farm rebate for the paper companies? It is not like they are employing a lot of Maine people anymore.

That was simple!

Dave Call



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