A Gathering Place, in its 19th season, offers workshops, classes and activities, primarily through its members’ ideas and other community offerings, for area youth who are homeschooled.

Homeschoolers have joined together for yoga classes, singing, gardening, science classes, writing workshops, toothpaste making at Tom’s of Maine, sewing, playtime at the Children’s Museum of Maine, field trips and lots of other events that members have organized over the years.

It grew out of a desire for more activities and consistent group events with a variety of homeschoolers, said founder Beth Callahan. The workshops are hosted by people in the group and community who are eager to share their hobby or subject area with others. Teacher certification is not required and workshops are enrichment-oriented.

A Gathering Place itself is a participatory and activity-oriented resource. It’s about working together and tapping into the community of resources and creating opportunities for children, organizers say.

Anyone with an idea for a workshop, who knows of an opportunity in which other homeschool families may be interested or want to offer a class or host a field trip, should contact Callahan. Presenters may place a limit on numbers and/or ages, depending on the workshop and content.

A Gathering Place’s newsletter is sent out during the first week of January, May and September, with some updates in between. This network is member-driven and members need to agree upon joining the group ”“ to remain active on list ”“ to either: plan an event during the school year; attend an event offered through the group; or help out at a planned event.

It’s free to join, and all active homeschool families are welcome. Email Callahan at [email protected] with any questions or to be added to the network.