I am new to the state of Maine, but its money problems are not unique to the state. The whole country is in a quandary over how to stop out-of-control spending.

Elections are coming up and the Democrats will play their word games and play on people’s emotions in order to get re-elected and stay in power.

Their promises are hollow. How is the government going to give the state free money when it cannot curb its own out-of-control spending and pay for the entitlements President Obama has already promised?

Wake up, Mainers! Are you really willing to have your children and grandchildren in debt from the day they are born? The time to cut spending is now, not later, because later will be too late for future generations to know what a great country this is.

As Calvin Coolidge said: “Efficiency of state governments is impaired as they relinquish and turn over to the federal government responsibilities which are rightfully theirs.”

Theresa Gebhard


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