The State Medical Examiner plans to do additional tests before determining what killed a Danforth infant last week, brought to the hospital by parents who were later charged with manufacturing methamphetamines.

An autopsy Saturday will be followed with additional tests to determine how the baby died, which could take several weeks, said a spokesman for the State Medical Examiner. He said it is common for the state to be extremely thorough when analyzing the death of a infant.

Allen Richardson, 39, and Tabitha Osnoe, 30, brought the baby to a medical facility in Danforth on Friday morning. While they were there, the mobile home where they lived caught fire, police said.

The State Fire Marshal was called in to investigate the cause and found evidence of a small methamphetamine manufacturing operation, police said. The chemicals used in the process are very dangerous and prone to explosion and are typically removed by a specialized team in protective suits.

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency was called in to remove the equipment and charged the parents, who were taken to Washington County Jail.

Police would not say whether they believe the methamphetamine lab, the child’s death or the fire are connected. They are still investigating the cause of the fire.

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