AUGUSTA — Jannah Park and Lorenda DayCoombs, sisters and registered Maine Guides, were at the State of Maine Sportsman’s Show on Friday for a seminar DayCoombs was giving on how to be a savvy hunter.

But before the seminar, the sisters tried out for a potential reality show about outdoor sports that’s looking for a female host. The casting call for the show asks for a “physically attractive but rugged-type woman with a big personality and a witty charm.”

“I was like, ‘We’ve got the rugged part down,'” said DayCoombs, laughing.

The show’s producers, Steve Marsel and Lisa Vitale, said they already have pitched a show successfully to the National Geographic Channel on ice fishing, so they’re trying to develop another show to pitch to networks. A crew for the ice fishing show filmed at the Sebago Lake Ice Fishing Derby in February and it probably will air later this year, Marsel said.

They’re casting potentially for two shows: the outdoor sports travel show and another show on a small outdoor sports company trying to reinvent itself in the modern economy. Marsel, based in Somerville, Mass., said they could end up combining the ideas, depending on whom they find at the casting call.

Vitale, of Los Angeles, said they’re looking for a female host who can introduce other women and men to living an outdoor life.


The casting call said it’s looking for someone who “doesn’t mind getting dirt under her fingernails” and doesn’t “shy away from a new challenge.”

The casting call will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at the sportsman’s show and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday at the Augusta Civic Center.

Marsel said they might pitch the show with just the writing and casting, but they might film a three-and-a-half to four-minute video to pitch it. DayCoombs, 36, of Hollis, said the sisters decided to try out for it just for the experience, but they would love to be picked for the show. She said they’re hoping to be able to do it together if chosen.

They said they already have experience filming hunting videos for Big Woods Bucks, an outdoor media company. The sisters starting hunting with their father as children, said Park, 33, of West Newfield.

“We just grew up in it,” she said.

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