Re: “LePage rolls out proposals for ‘tough love’ on welfare” (March 24):

“Tough love”? Really?! How insulting, degrading, self-righteous and pompous can Gov. LePage get?

Take the example of a woman who has just lost her MaineCare benefits – thanks to Gov. LePage – but still has her rent or mortgage payment; lights; maybe college payment for her child, or day care; phone; heat, water and sewer; gas to get to work and car registration fee and car insurance; food; maybe diapers; her new medical bills; and maybe has a child with a disability but no family to baby-sit for free. Does he really think she needs tough love?

Or maybe the woman who cares for her husband who is disabled with a brain injury from work and can’t watch his own children so the care of everyone is up to her. He really thinks she needs his arrogant condemnation of her motives served up by his “tough love”?

I know many single mothers who used to be just making it, working two jobs and getting by with enough to raise their children without hunger, but who are no longer making it because of Gov. LePage.

I am disgusted. Who does he think he is? “Tough love” implies support for the right choices and action – support that he does not provide. Instead, he provides contempt.

Bethany Angle

Cape Elizabeth


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